Clinic Services


Injections available on a walk- in basis Monday through Thursday, 9 am – noon and 2 – 4pm. There will be no walk-in injections on Thursday, September 22 2 – 4pm.

There will be NO BLOOD WORK until further notice.

Minor procedures

Our doctors perform minor procedures such as skin biopsy, removal of lumps and bumps. These procedures will be booked as appropriate following an office visit.

Flu shots

Flu shot clinics begin in October each year and everyone is eligible for a flu shot every year. We strongly encourage the flu shot for those over age 65.


Prescription medications are important and need regular review. We do facilitate prescription renewals via fax from your pharmacy, but there will be circumstances where this will not be appropriate.


Some of our doctors provide travel medicine consultations. All travellers should book an appointment 4-8 weeks before departure.

A fee will apply as travel medicine is not covered by OHIP anywhere in Ontario.

Smoking Cessation

Our doctors are eager to support smoking cessation. Your doctor can help you set and plan for a quit day, explore medication options, and establish the needed support to quit.  Please book an appointment with your doctor.